Fall Crown Tournament 2021 – Oct 2-3, 2021

The plague has left our land and now we turn to happier times. Their Majesties have long ruled the Outlands, but the time has come to harvest the labors of Their reign. It is the pleasure of the Barony of Dragonsspine to host the Outlands Fall Crown Tournament. We have arranged a wonderful site, shaded and cool, just off I-25 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Golden Eagle Campground
710 Rock Creek Canyon Road
Colorado Springs, CO, 80911

Pre-Registration Links:
SCArs (Credit Card) – https://members.sca.org/apps/#MtgDetail/00001031
Google Form (Cash/Check/Pay at Door) – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdZ9WhpbDgscYBf2d82poHdx0ZSb2Tnw74qea4e-Q7NdRKObQ/viewform
For instructions on using the SCArs System: SCArs Guide


9:00 am Site opens to Populace
10:00 am Opening Court/Ceremonies
Crown Tournament
4:00 pm Knight Circle
5:00 pm Laurel Circle
6:00 pm Closing Court
7:30 pm Site Closes to Populace

9:00 am Site opens to Populace
9:30 am Pelican Circle
10:30 am MoD Circle
11:30 am Opening Court/Ceremonies
Princess Protector Tournament
4:00 pm Site Closes

Schedule is tentative, and subject to change based upon Their Majesty’s Pleasure

Golden Eagle Campground
710 Rock Creek Canyon Road
Colorado Springs, CO, 80911

NOTE: All attendees must pre-register for the event.

Site Fees
Pre-registered/Pre-paid (closes July 17)
18+ Non-members $20
18+ Members $15
5-17: $5
0-4: Free

Pre-registered/Pay at the door (Closes Sept 30 or when capacity is reached)
18+ Non-members $25
18+ Members $20
5-17: $5
0-4: Free

Registration and site fees are for BOTH Saturday and Sunday; there will not be a single day registration available.  No exceptions.  

Last, but not least – Though it is not mandatory (at this time), I would like to personally ask all good gentles to bring a personal mask with them to the event.  We will once again be in a public space, with the chance of interacting with the public; some who may be wearing a mask themselves.  It is the courteous route to also “mask-up” when holding such conversations.  This goes doubly so for members of our populace who are more comfortable to maintain masks and 6 ft. social distancing.

Event Steward Information
His Excellency Seamus MacRae

Pre Registration Information
There are two ways to pre-register for the event: either through SCArs or via a Google Form.
The following pre-registration process will be in place:
● Pre registration will open July 17.
● Pre registrations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. If a participant wishes to pay for their registration via cash or check, that cash or check must be postmarked NLT September 17.
● Refundable Pre registration will be accepted through two weeks prior to the event. Participants may cancel their registration for a full refund until that time. After that time, refunds will only be given if the event is cancelled by the State or Local government, or the Crown or Seneschal of the Outlands. No refunds will be paid before the conclusion of the event. Refunds may not be processed until after the event.
● Should the event be cancelled due to public health concerns, we will offer a full refund to all attendees.
● Should it become necessary to limit the event size after registration is opened, and populace members must be turned away, key personnel (decided in consultation with the Crown) will be guaranteed their spot, and all other attendees will be selected at random from all paid reservations.
● Questions regarding the pre registration process should be addressed to:
Lady Sorcha MacGillavrey (mka Nicole Smith)