Baronial Court

Their Excellencies of Dragonsspine

His Excellency Gianni de SangermanoHer Excellency Jeannette Delacroix
His Excellency dislikes white cream sauces.Her Excellency is allergic to all shell fish and mango.

(No calls after 9pm MT, or before 5pm, please.)

For non electronic correspondence we can be reached at
SCA Dragonsspine
P.O. Box 374
Colorado Springs, CO 80901

Baronial Court

  • Head of Household – Lady Altani Sechen
  • Head of Retinue – Madame Adelaisa Bernois
  • Court Herald – Master Duncan Alastair MacRae

Baronial Champions

  • Warlord – Lord Bernard
  • Ranger – Baron Larke
  • Defender – Don Seamus MacRae
  • Shield of Honor – Lord Niall Keating
  • A&S Champion – The Honorable Lady Lêofsige Õ Caoimh known as Lyssa
  • Bard – Lord Cormac O’Dunne