Help Needed

The Barony currently has the following open positions:

    • Chatelaine –  As Chatelaine, you are often one of the first contacts that a new member makes and so it is important that you be as welcoming and helpful as possible. You should be proactive about seeking out new members and offer to help them find the information they need to make the SCA an enjoyable experience. You should be able to inform new members about the activities available in the area, introduce them to local members, especially guild heads and officers, and help them borrow or acquire appropriate gear. The Chatelaine must also work with the established members of the local SCA community to ensure that newcomers are welcomed and included in the group.
    • Minister of Children – Many SCA local groups and kingdoms have Youth Officers, who assist parents in integrating children’s and youth activities into events. Baronial Youth Officers report directly to Baronial Seneschal.

If you are interested in help us out with one of the positions, please contact the seneschal for information. Seneschal Email


Dragonsspine holds many events throughout the year. Bids for upcoming events are due not later than the business meeting nine months prior. Below is our regularly occurring event schedule as well as the business meeting bids are due. If you wish to put a new event on the calendar, please feel free! See the autocrat section in resources for more information.

Events currently in need of bids are:

For more information on submitting bids, please see the resources section.

MonthEventBids DueCurrent Autocrat
JanuaryWinter Feast Event (Candlemas)AprilBaron Timothy O'Brien
AugustArchery CollegiumNovemberLady Altani Sechan
OctoberA&S Collegium/ChampionsJanuary
NovemberShopping EventFebruary