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Dragonsspine Candlemas and War Practice

As the chill of winter still hangs in the air, Their Excellencies of Dragonsspine wish to invite one and all to our annual Candlemas Celebration as we celebrate the Wedding of King Henry VIII to Anne of Cleves.

Weather permitting; there will be cash donation tournaments for both Heavy and Rapier fighters.

Barony of Dragonsspine
Saturday, January 27, 2017
Colorado Springs Shrine Club
6 South 33rd St, Colorado Springs, CO 80911
Event Steward: Antonio Francesco (Aurther McLelland)
aurther.k.mclelland@gmail.com ( 785-717-5191 No calls after 9 pm please)

Site Fee: Adult Event Registration $15,
Adult Member DiscountEvent Registration $10
Youth (5 to 15) $5,
Child (Under 5) Free.
Feast: Adult (16+) $10,
Youth (5-15) $5,
Child (Under 5) Free
Make checks payable to "SCA Inc – Barony of Dragonsspine"

Send checks to:Barony of Dragonsspine. PO Box 374, Colorado Springs, CO 80901 Please remember to include your Mundane name, SCA name, SCA number, and an Email that we can reply to. Remember, seating for feast is limited. Feast reservations will be taken until the 15th of January. The only reservation is a paid reservation!


Make your way to I-25 and take exit 141 (US 24 W/ Cimmaron exit) west. Turn right onto S 31st St. Turn left onto W. Colorado Ave. Turn right on S. 33rd St. Colorado Springs Shrine
Club will be on your left.

WAR practice!
Sunday, January 28th
9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
4435 Arrowswest Dr. Colorado Springs, CO

Come out and join us for WAR practice at this amazing indoor site! WAR is just a few weeks away and this may be one of the last few kingdom practices before Estrella!

Heavy Fighter Tournament Format

“A Tournament of Challenges”
First round - peers on one side, non-peers on the other.
The non-peers challenge the peers one by one to a weapon form and win condition (ie 3 blows with a great sword or sword and shield to the death) preferably in a reasonably fancy fashion (I, Lord Cormac O’Dunne challenge you, Sir Lothar, to 3 blows by great sword, killing shots only) The challenged fighter can accept, decline or negotiate (I didn’t bring a great sword, how about axes).

Subsequent rounds - winners of previous round on one side, losers on the other. Losers challenge winners in the same style.

Lives cost $1. 1 free life to start. Fighter with the most wins when it is over is the overall winner. Challenges will go on until we are out of fighters or we are too tired to stand. Lives can be bought for others, bought in blocks, and given to another fighter. There might be a secondary prize for the person who buys the most lives (for them self or others).

Rapier Tournament Format



(No. We will NOT be throwing food. Just NO. Why do you people keep asking? Stop asking. You' re worse than my kids.)

Rules: Please Read. There were a few folks that missed the rules last year.

1. Rules are the same for youth as well as adults.

2. For the purposes of only this contest, “youth” is defined a person younger than 14.

3. Youth must be accompanied by a parent to compete.

4. Catapults must come to Candlemas assembled. We will not be providing kits/materials.

5. Each catapult’s footprint (the measurement of the base) MUST fit inside a square measuring 18 inches by 18 inches. Your catapult may be smaller, but it CANNOT be larger.

6. Ammunition for catapults will be provided on-site. NO OUTSIDE AMMUNITION WILL BE ALLOWED. For at-home testing purposes, the planned ammunition will be bean/seed bags weighing about 1.7 ounces (a regulation golf ball is 1.62 ounces).

How will the winner be determined?

The PLAN is to take the average distance of three casts by each catapult outside the event building. The longest distance will be declared the winner. This being said, the PLAN may change depending on how many people show up. We may get crazy and go for accuracy after distance.

Can I enter a catapult that I purchased off-the-shelf?
Yes. (But I will make jokes about how you didn’t do your homework yourself.)

Will we be inside or outside?

Outside if the weather is good. If we can’t do it outside, we’ll be stuck only looking at our pretty catapults since flinging things inside could be problematic (You do know that a competition of this sort is one of the speculated reasons for why the Mary Rose sank among the conspiracy crowd, right?).

For the Chidlren

Lord Ramon and Lady Oriana have agreed to host a bees wax candle making table for the children! Be sure to stop by!

Candlemas Feast

The Honorable Lady Bronwen of Hindscroft and her amazing staff will be prepairing an amazing feast featuring German and English dishes. Once the menu is finalized, it will be posted.

Savory Toasted Cheese
Raw Veggies
Split nuns (stuffed eggs)
Hard boiled eggs
Perys coffins

First Course
Zervalet (sausages)
Pickled cabbage (sauerkraut)
Chicken Hungarian Style (chicken with an apple/lemon/onion sauce)

Second Course
Aloysd Beef with blackberry sauce
A Tart To Promote Courage
Honeyed Carrots

Hot and iced chocolate
Lemon pudding

There will be a photo booth area set up at this years Candlemas! The proceeds are going to support the Kingdom Travel Fund, so wear your best and come get a beautiful picture taken while supporting a wonderful cause!

Please check out website and Facebook Event page for further information on these and other activities. There will be a cash bar available NO ALCOHOL CAN BE BROUGHT IN FROM THE OUTSIDE!!

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