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Dragonsspine A&S Competition

Greetings to the good gentles of the Outlands! On December 2nd, 2017 the barony of Dragonsspine will be hosting their Arts and Science competition at Grace and St. Stephens Episcopal church. Site will open at 9:00am and close at 6:00pm. There will also be a donation lunch at site. -Lady Altani Sechen

Site details:
Grace and St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

Site Fees:
Adults – $15 ($10 with member discount)
Children (0-15) – Free

Site is open from 9 am – 6 pm.
2 December, 2017
Autocrat: Altani Sechen (altanisechen@gmail.com)

Great and Noble populace of Dragonsspine, My time representing this talented Barony in Arts and Sciences is coming to an end (no more annoying the Baron with the Bell Stick for me). Our Championship competition is at hand. Please bring out your best if you wish to compete for the Champion position on Their Excellencies Court. This year presents a great opportunity for progression in the Arts and Sciences. Outlands Queen's Prize is upcoming mid-October and will be a perfect time to get feedback for papers, works in progress and finished pieces. Solicit comments and incorporate them into your submissions for Dragonsspine Champion. What comments you get will further refine your great works and prepare you for Outlands' Arts and Sciences Competition in mid April of next year.

Rules for submission:
Since this year’s Queen's prize is based off of the Kingdom Categories and Divisions that will be used at the Outlands competition, so will Dragonsspines competition be structured. (NOTE: rule tweaks (2 items in 2 divisions))

Deadline for submission is November 1st, 2017.

Documentation will be submitted using the Baronial forms available here. This form does not require the greater detail of the Kingdom competition, so please, enter and show us what you got.

If you do not wish to compete for Champion, bring what you're working on, recently finished, or just come out and support those that do.

See you there,
Tiarne Toirrdhealbhach mic Toirrdhealbhaigh mac Aonghussa (Tourlogh)

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