Thynaire Pas d’Armes

July 14, 2018
Site opens 9:00am – Activities 10:00am – Site closes 5:00pm
Woodland Park Memorial Park
117 Center Ave, Woodland Park, CO

Adult – 15.00
Adult Member – 10.00
16 and under – Free

Come join us in our newly renovated park for a day of fighting and camaraderie. 3
tournaments will be fought. Light refreshment will be served. Ladies will choose the
winner of the day, but ladies the gentlemen will be looking for the Lady of Mirth and
Merriment so be gentle. Grab your banners and dress your best and join us for an
enjoyable afternoon in the park.

A few park rules – Site is dry. NO stakes can be used in the park. We are planning to use
the shelters that are already around the field. Medieval sunshades (no modern please) that
require no stakes are welcome. Pets are welcome but must be on leash and cleaned up

Directions: Take I-25 to Exit 141 west to Woodland Park. In Woodland Park (after you
pass 4 stoplights) turn left (North) onto Pine St. Continue on Pine St for 31/2 blocks until
you come to a parking lot on the right. If you need to unload there is a spot to do that at
the east end of the parking lot near the fighting field.

Person to ask questions – Lydia –