Candlemas & Investiture

Candlemas & Investiture
Barony of Dragonsspine
January 26, A.S. LIII (2019)

Come gather to ward off the cold and celebrate with friends at Dragonsspine’s Candlemas feast on January 26th. The site will be the same as last year’s, the Colorado Springs Shrine Club.

Schedule (subject to change):
9am: Site opens

10am: Morning court, including:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       – Last Court of Gianni and Jeanette of Dragonsspine                                                                                                                                                                                              – Divestiture and Investiture – Baronial Officer Oaths to the new Coronet of Dragonsspine                                                                                                                            – Any other business the Crown cares to conduct

12pm: Donation lunch; fighting (weather permitting); heraldry consultation and A&S roundtable.

Approx. 12pm to 4pm: CASH BAR

12:45pm: Pelican Circle

1:30pm: Laurel Circle

2:15pm: MOD Circle

3:00pm: Chivalry Circle

4pm: Evening Court (Royal and Baronial)

6pm: Feast

8pm: Cleanup

9pm: Site Closes

Site: Colorado Springs, Shrine Club
6W South 33rd Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

The site does not allow ANY outside alcohol, but the on-site bar will be operated by the site owner for a few hours in the afternoon for those who would like to warm up with a strong beverage.

The only animals permitted on site are legally recognized service animals. Open flames are prohibited in the building. The site owner requests strongly that we do not touch the statue/memorial area in front of the building (signs will be posted).

Site fees:
Adult member: $10
Adult non-member: $15
Children (under 18): $5

Feast: $10. Feast is limited to 128. As the feast is budgeted and portions for eight persons per table, this rate will apply to each adult, child, animal, suit of armor, etc. occupying a seat at table. Reservations are strongly recommended– please send to the head cook (see below). Please advise of any special dietary needs with your paid reservation and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Feast menu:
Cheese and Mushroom Pasties, bread, cheese, herbed butter
Stewed pork with apples, Armoured Turnips, Barley in Chicken Stock
A Well Hung Bird (chicken), Savory Toasted Cheese over Broccoli, herbed and buttered noodles
Dessert: Frumenty with raisins and apples, shortbread

Due to space restrictions, offboard seating will not be available.

Merchants are welcome, at no additional cost, but space is limited. Please contact the autocrat to make arrangements.

Plans for A&S and children’s activities and heraldic consultations are in the works as well.

Please contact the autocrat with any additional questions:
Baron Timothy O’Brien (Tim Buxton)
719-459-9927 (text or phone)

Please contact the head cook with any dietary questions, and please mail all reservations to her at the following address.
Please remember, only a paid reservation is a real reservatin!
Lady Zoe Kale Laskarina (Carla Sparks)
Mail reservations to: SCA Dragonsspine, PO Box 374, Colorado Springs, CO 80901