A&S Champions and Collegium

October 27, 2018

Grace and St. Stephan’s Church
601 N. Tejon Street
Colorado Springs, CO

Site Fees: $10 ($5 with member discount)
Children 16 and Under : Free

Donation Lunch to be provided by the Dragonsspine Rapier Fighters – led by Don Seamus MacRae

What’s going on that day? LOTS!!! Aside from our normal competition – we have scheduled an A&S Display, Classes, and a Quest. Intrigued? Read on for more details. To register for any of the days events – please follow this link. 

A&S Championship

Requirements/Expectations for A&S Champions:

Our Championship Competition has been arranged by THL Lyssa (Maggie Griggs) – our current A&S Champion. This years competition is designed to showcase the virtues of medieval knights.

Entrants for champion should prepare:
– One novice/first try entry to demonstrate humility
– Two other entries in two separate Kingdom categories to demonstrate skill ability and knowledge.
– Participate in the Quest (details of the quest will follow)

Documentation is required. Documentation should be between one and five pages, not including cover page, bibliography, and supporting images.

Entrants for champion need to be members of the Barony and be willing to organize next year’s A&S Championship. Their Excellencies also wish that Their Champions attend them in court and promote the arts within the Barony throughout the year.

A&S Display sponsored by the Laurels of Dragonsspine

Do you want to show off your work? Would you like feedback on your project? Does the thought of entering for Champion put you off? Then do we have a deal for you!

This year, the Laurels of Dragonsspine will be sponsoring an A&S Display. This display is open to all member of the Kingdom. All skill levels, all art forms, all mediums, all award levels. Please show us your art! Documentation is required – however, its a 3×5 card explaining the who, what, where, when and why of your project. If you would like to have more documentation, feel free – as this is NOT a competition, bring what you like.

A&S Classes

If you haven’t gathered we have lots of A&S planned this year – but we want more! We have three classrooms available and would love to fill them with classes – but to do that – we need classes? Please come share you knowledge with the populace of Dragonsspine!

A&S Quest

So you’ve heard mention of an A&S Quest this year, right? You haven’t? Well guess what – we are having an A&S Quest. You can participate in the quest whether or not you are entering for A&S Champion. The Quest runs from June 1. So even though we are a little behind in getting the details out – feel free to count the experiences already had.

All participants in the quest will receive a token from THL Lyssa (Maggie Griggs). Quest documentation forms (which will be provided shortly) will need to be signed by people outside your household or family. All category points may be earned a maximum of two times.

– Teach one class with at least 3 students – demonstrates organization, shared knowledge, courage
– Attend one class – learning, supporting others
– Attend one dance practice – considered a knightly virtue, learning, supporting baronial activity
– Assist in feast or lunch at event (preparation, clean up, serving, heralding, etc) or a cooks guild gathering – hospitality, social, participation, service
– Play one medieval game (winning is not required) – another knightly virtue, supports persona and culture
– Participate in one martial activity at practice or events (actually fight, fence, shoot, etc or learn to swing a sword, shoot, basic stances or forms) – support the other activities, be active, broaden understanding
– Participate in field support activity at practice or event (heralding, mol, marshaling, water bearing, setup, tear down, run cards, help score, etc) – service, camaraderie
– Attend one court – atmosphere, ambience, understanding pageantry
– Donate 3 small items or 1 large item of largess (Small include largess for gift baskets, medallions, cords, etc; Large include loaner equipment, gold key items, archery targets, etc) – largess, generosity, charity
– Enter one item in Dragonsspine Baronial A&S

Activities do not have to be completed at Dragonsspine events or practices unless specified. Any SCA practice, event, or activity is fine. Record keeping sheets will be available as soon as possible. In order to make sure we have enough tokens for all quest participants, please register your participation.Thank you!