Archery Collegium

Have you ever pondered the possibility of shooting archery? Are you a new archer looking for tips and advice on how to improve? The Barony of Dragonsspine will be hosting an Archery Collegium the weekend of August 17-19th. If you are new to archery or even not so new we would love for you to come and join us!

Their Majesties have requested a meeting with the Order of the Sharp Arrow at this event. (Time at Their Majesties pleasure)

Classes (more details to follow):
The classes will be geared towards Beginner and Intermediate archers and will include such topics as:
-How to set up a safe range
-Encouraging children to participate in archery
-An open round table discussion for Sharparrows and Scouts to meet and discuss one of our favorite hobbies.

There will be several shoots during the event including some old school shoots from ‘back in the day such as an archers duel. (more details to follow)

Baron Larke
Madame Adelaisa Bernois

Site fee and information:

Last thoughts – As you can see there are still many details left to provide on this event page which we promise will be forthcoming but we wanted to get this event on the calendar for folks to start planning to attend. (and we would love to see people attend). Feel free to post questions – just know the fine details are being put together to be published. Thanks!

Altani Sechen

For up-to-the minute information – the Facebook event page is here.