arms of dragonsspine
The Arms of Dragonsspine
Or, four gyrons conjoined at the fess point azure surmounted by a wingless dragon dormant purpure, and in base a laurel wreath vert.

Their Excellencies of Dragonsspine

Baron and Baroness of Dragonsspine

  His Excellency Gianni de Sangermano,  
Baron of Dragonsspine

baron.dragonsspine @
  Her Excellency Jeannette Delacroix,
  Baroness of Dragonsspine

  baroness.dragonsspine @
Phone: 719.473.7472

(No calls after 9pm MT, or before 5pm, please.)

For non electronic corespondance we can be reached at
     SCA Dragonsspine
     P.O. Box 374
     Colorado Springs, CO 80901

Preferences and Allergies

His Excellency

Her Excellency


Foods: TBA Foods: TBA
Drinks: TBA
Drinks: TBA
Garb Preferences: TBA Garb Preferences: TBA




Allergies: N/A Allergies: All Shell Fish, Mango

Food: White Cream Sauces

Food: TBA
Drinks: TBA Drinks: TBA
Garb: TBA Garb: TBA

Dragonsspine Champions

Warlord Ranger
Lord Bernard Baron Larke
Defender Shield of Honor
Don Seamus MacRae
Lord Niall Keating
A&S Champion Bard
Tiarne Toirrdhealbhach mac Toirrdhealbhaigh mic Aonghusa
also known as Lord Turlough McAngossa
Lord Cormac O'Dunne